I love supporting a person’s journey to follow their dreams.

I love to serve people who have empathy for one another. Specifically, people with ventures that make this planet a “better” place. People, who believe that:

  • the glass is half full;
  • every one of us has an impact on the whole. 

Let’s talk next about video production, since it is one of my gifts. I am excited to share everything I have learned so far with you.

Most of the time people think it is important to have the same tools and budget as the professionals, but in reality, it’s all about your mindset.

I will show you how to create impactful videos with the tools you already have, by becoming aware and improving your (visual) messages.

My goal is to collaborate on films that excite the audience to follow their true passions.

Who are you? And how can I serve you best so you can be the person you want to be in your videos?

As an example: The eyes are the door to ones soul, the viewer should be able to see both eyes of the person in the video.

Alright, so let’s turn boring into fun, because it elevates our mind to come up with even more magnificence ideas. We need to banish the fear of video creation once and for all.

I will train you on how to be a video creation master.

When I’m not creating videos or giving workshops:

  • I practice communicating with the higher source (some call “it” God);
  • I work on my own social projects to prove that people love supporting the dreams of others;
  • I experiment with nutrition; I’m loving raw foods – especially raw cakes;
  • I host dinners for “berliners” and “refugees” to open up the dialogue. We only fear the unknown…


Things even my friends don’t know about me (well, now they know…):

  • My German spelling is terrible, simply because I spent 10 years schooling in Portugal;
  • In order to understand plain text better, I need to break it down by cutting it apart and drawing symbols;
  • I love to connect with nature. I used to make fun of people hugging trees. After trying it, now I love doing it myself;
  • I love cables! I’ll connect any two or more devices you like;
  • I’ve moved 12x in my life. That’s in average of every 2.5 years. All my moving boxes have numbers and I can tell you exactly what’s in each of them;
  • I love shallow jokes. I can’t understand more complex ones;
  • I pimped my first car (Fiat Panda): massive sound system, exchanged suspensions (lowered it), central locking system. I don’t do that anymore. Although… the massive sound system … However, I don’t have a car and I love car sharing;
  • I love Kayla’s workout for women.


Alright, let’s do this! Let’s connect. Now it’s your turn to take the next step and sign up to my emails.

(once a week you will get 1 short video about exciting video creation advice)


I will personally reply to you. I’m excited to get to know you better!