I the past year I startet sharing my knowledge on how to create videos. I actually startet with a few workshops to test the waters. It immediately resonated with me and there was no doubt left in adding the sharing to my business.

Fast forward, I get a call from the well known Naturheilzentrum in Bottrop (https://naturheilzentrum.com) asking if I was available to join there video ventures. Connecting with both Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger to better understand their vision, I was immediately hooked.

I had found two ambitions soulmates, who are in service of humanity. From a completely different field than I am coming from: complementary medicine. One of the values we share is understanding the human being as the epicenter of all our actions. In an day and age of the anonymous internet, I find it rather refreshing having partners in other professions bringing forth a heart to heart connection between all of us.

Needless to say that our collaboration has been an exciting adventure. I feel inspired by the process of bouncing back and forth ideas, or as I like to call it “ping pong ideas”. I admire the excitement and willpower of the entire Nabo team when it comes  to creating videos. I am excited to watch the upcoming outcomes.